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Spring is... Spring-ing?

It has been while since my last post on here... I feel like Spring semester always keeps me on my toes! BUT... an extremely busy Spring has kept me occupied with lots of great things! I gave a talk on my second pre-dissertation project at the American Association of Applied Linguistics, where I met many new folks in the sociolingx community. I also had my first first-authored paper accepted in The Journal of Child Language (coming soon!!!), which has been a long but rewarding process.

This weekend I also had a flurry of presentations: Sami and Gabby have supported me with my work on my advisor's project the past two years. They took the initiative to do a poster on how stimuli characteristics influenced L1 and L2 accent distance perception at the Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association's (ISHA) Annual Convention in Indianapolis.

Later that day back in Bloomington, I attended the IU Center of Excellence for Women & Technology's (CEWIT) Women's Research Poster Competition to support another student. Carina, has been working with me this year for the CEWIT Emerging Scholars Research Experience for undergraduate women. She has been working hard all year doing Praat annotations, coding data and programming in Python and R. She presented a project comparing undergraduate and graduate SLP students' ability to rate speech intelligibility in disordered and typical children. Her hard work paid off and her poster took home the 1st place prize of $200 in the health and behavioral sciences category!

I also co-presented a talk at the ISHA Annual Convention along with my advisor, Dr. Tessa Bent, and another faculty mentor, Dr. Michele Morrisette, that discussed an exciting new project. I got to see many familiar faces and meet some new pediatric SLPeeps. See pics below and reach out if you want to find out more about any of my current projects!

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